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Lookout App | Arvida Good Friends

Skills, caring and technology. Together.

The best technology in the home setting is simple to use. It's smart enough to raise an issue, but ultimately leaves the decisions to people - you, your family and our skilled and caring team.

Arvida Good Friends home services are powered by The Lookout Way™ application, a successful innovation developed in Australia to support better health outcomes, transparency and value for funders and satisfying work for caring professionals. Arvida Good Friends has the exclusive licence in New Zealand for The Lookout Way™.

The Lookout app is more than just a piece of software. It's a philosophy of home care. It's designed to use the combination of skilled and caring people enabled by technology to make the accessing and organising of help and care simple, easy and efficient. To empower people and their families who need help and support to maintain control and a quality lifestyle on their own terms connected to communities, lives, and friends they love.

Its purpose is to get the right information about the right member to the right person at the right time so they can make more informed and better decisions about a member's health. 


Easy to use app

Members and their authorised, trusted loved ones can see all the information relevant to their home services on their smartphone or tablet:

• Up to date help plan and service details
• Visit schedules and matched care worker profile.
• Notification when your helper arrives and departs
• Shared notes on visits relevant to their care.
• Financial statements
• Health and wellbeing surveys