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Choose to live well

Get help at home to keep doing you.

Arvida Good Friends Help at Home and Care at Home plans make it easy to access friendly, trained helpers who support you to keep living the independent life you love.

Arvida Good Friends can help you keep on top of housework, light gardening and general home maintenance, as well as support you with daily personal care or short term home nursing that helps you recover from a hospital stay or injury. 

If you are happy with how things are at home but just want to get out and about a bit more, we can help with that too. Come and see us at our Living Well Centre in Addington and from the beginning of May, use our Good Friends Go service.

We work with you to plan what you want and when you want it. Scroll down for ideas or talk to us about what you need.

Choose to live well

Choose services that work for you

No-one knows you better than you know yourself. Choose a membership subscription plan that makes sense for you. As we get to know each other, your services schedule can change to suit your needs.

The power is in your hands

Arvida Good Friends makes it easy to manage your home services directly, either on the telephone or with our easy-to-use app. 

Your schedule of helpers is at your fingertips.
It’s easy to see who’s coming and when, so you can plan your day.

You’ll know who’s knocking at the door.
You'll see your helper's photograph and profile and your app will notify you when they are arriving.

You can easily manage your budget.
You can view your expenditure and see exactly what you’re being billed for.

You can choose to share the app with your family or key contact. This means even if they are not in Christchurch, they know you are being well looked after.