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Checking your loved one is ok

Included in your Help at Home membership subscription is half an hour of free service each week. This means we can check in on your loved one and let you know everything is ok.

If you don't live close by to your loved one and you'd like to spend time chatting rather than checking when you talk to them, this is a great option.

As part of the Help at Home membership plan, even if you don't book any other services, we can pop in each week at an agreed time to say hello and make sure your loved one's home is safe, clean and comfortable. We stay for 30 minutes to do what works for your and your loved one. All travel is included in your weekly subscription fee. 

For example, with your loved one's permission we can do things like:

  • check the fridge contents for freshness
  • quickly help with a task like wiping the kitchen sink and bench, putting washing on the line, putting groceries away or making a bed
  • have a chat about what the week holds
  • check smoke alarms 
  • make telephone calls to set or confirm appointments 
  • simply have a cup of tea together

With your loved one's permission, you can have access to our easy-to-use app on your smartphone. Then you can see the helper's background, see the weekly schedule and get a reassuring note when they've been to visit. If there are any issues, we will raise those with you and your loved one too. With membership already in place, it's easy to add services if and when they are needed at short notice.

We make sure that your loved one knows and likes the Arvida trained and verified helper stopping by, because we introduce them before they begin the service. We also make sure your loved one knows what information we are sharing with you and what remains private.

You can sign up online for your loved one's Help at Home membership and pay securely through the app - by direct debit or credit card.