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Care at Home

Get the in-home nursing care older people often come to need. Our [email protected] plan combines nursing support and help around the home. 

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$50 / week
* Christchurch only
Choose this plan Or call us 0800 20 41 20

Good Friends = care + companionship

Get care from a qualified and verified health professional who meets your needs - and your personality. We’ll help with things like medication, wounds and showering. Membership includes 30 minutes free care per week so that you see your Good Friend regularly. Any time after that charged at $43 per hour. This plan also includes [email protected] membership so that while we are there, we can help with keeping your bedroom and bathroom clean, doing washing or food preparation and any other tasks that will help you feel comfortable and ready to plan your day.

Learn about how publicly-funded and private home care works with this handy guide.

A guide to home help Download.pdf


Good friends = qualified + trusted

You know what you need so you choose how much care you want and when you want it. 

We’ll come to your place, and together we’ll create your [email protected] Plan. Your family or support person can help with creating your best help plan.

Your plan can contain any combination of nursing care and household help.

Your membership gives you 30 minutes free care per week, with any time after that charged at $43 per hour.

We’ll always send the care team you've chosen to look after you at a time that suits you.