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Good Friends is a new home care, nursing and personal helper service for New Zealanders who need help to live independently. Our mobile app makes it easy.

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How Good Friends can help

Good Friends home help makes it easy to organise personalised, friendly care services that revolve around you.

Help and care services delivered in a way that feels respectful, focused and tailored to your needs - that’s the idea behind Good Friends, the one-of-a-kind helper network that supports happy, healthy independent living. Here’s what you get:

Wellness Centre coming soon

An extension of Good Friends is a planned Wellness Centre in central Christchurch. This purpose-built facility will provide a range of facilities and activities that can be used by Good Friends members.

The Wellness Centre will offer a gym, pool and a range of allied health services. It will also include a community space for hosting a variety of activities, such as indoor bowls, yoga, zumba, arts and craft classes, wine tastings, workshops and more. The public area of the centre will feature a café and bakery, as well as a hair and beauty clinic.

The Wellness Centre is being built at Arvida’s Park Lane retirement community in Addington. Opening is planned for March 2021. Similar centres are being planned for other parts of New Zealand.

Helping you to live your best life

Good Friends is brought to you by Arvida, a local retirement group that’s transforming the aged-care experience in New Zealand.

Arvida’s goal is to create or support living environments that allow older and less-abled New Zealanders to maintain meaningful connections to the people, community and activities they love. Arvida calls this ‘living a life with soul’.

Living a life with soul embraces a holistic view of physical, mental and spiritual health – mind, body, heart and soul. It means being mentally stimulated by social, intellectual and creative experiences that are personalised and meaningful. It encourages the daily pursuit of physical wellbeing by eating, moving, relaxing and sleeping well. And it involves building deeper connections to family, friends and the community, so that everyday life is joyful and interesting.

Good Friends is a natural extension of our mind, body, heart and soul philosophy for care and support. It’s different because it combines humanity and technology to support independent living for those who need assistance.