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Home helpers,
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Living Well Centre

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Live your best life in your own home

Keep doing you
Keep doing you

Keep doing what you've always done - with a bit of help from us

Keep doing you
Keep doing you

We support older New Zealanders to live their best lives in the homes they know and love - with private home help services, door to door transport and beautiful community spaces for social connection, activities and fitness. Our skilled and caring team is supported by the latest digital technology, so we have more time for you.

Available in Christchurch. Coming soon to other centres.

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    Helping you get the best from life

    Arvida Good Friends is brought to you by Arvida, one of New Zealand's largest retirement and aged care operators. Over 6,000 older adults live in our communities around the country. But we know it's not for everyone.

    Arvida Good Friends enables people to remain living successfully and independently in their own homes, while creating more social connections with their community. 

    Living Well as we grow older is about having choices about how and where we live, being able to find the help we want when we need it and finding it easy to stay active and connected with friends, family and hobbies. Arvida Good Friends gives you all this, from the comfort of your home.

    Jeremy Nicoll, CEO | Arvida Group

    Brought to you by Arvida
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