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About us

An older lady and a younger lady crouch down to admire plants

Living well at home

Arvida is one of New Zealand's largest retirement and aged care companies. Our mission is to improve the lives of older New Zealanders through transforming the ageing experience. More than 6,100 older adults call Arvida communities home. Our skilled, dedicated team is committed to helping them live well. But not everyone wants to live in a retirement community as they age. 

So, Arvida Good Friends brings the Arvida Attitude of Living Well™ to people who want to live independently in the homes they know and love as they grow older.  We help you stay active and connected, with better choices and more control about how you keep living life your way. 

Our members choose the services that work for them via a weekly membership subscription:

1. Private home help and in-home care services - with intelligent  monitoring and an easy to use app for transparent communication with you and your close network;

2. Social connection, fitness and activities at Community Living Well Centres; and

3. On-demand rideshare transport, exclusive to members.

Keep living life your way - with a bit of help from us!

Watch the Hon Margaret Austin CNZM as she launched Arvida Good Friends in Christchurch on 16 April 2021.

Our commitment

In ten years’ time, I want the world to notice how well older New Zealanders live. And I hope it can be traced to Arvida’s commitment to transforming the ageing experience through person-centred care – what we call the Attitude of Living Well™. We work hard to deliver this for over 6100 residents around New Zealand – and we’d also like to help the 80% of people over 65 who decide to stay in the home they know and love.

That’s why we’ve created Arvida Good Friends. Arvida Good Friends combines Living Well Community Centres, private home help and rideshare transport. It’s designed to enable people to remain living successfully and independently in their own homes while creating more social connections with their community. In 2021, we launched in Christchurch and we’ve got plans to roll out around the country.

Living Well is about having choices about how and where we live, being able to find the help we want when we need it and finding it easy to stay active and connected with friends, family and hobbies. Arvida Good Friends gives you all this, from the comfort of your home.

Jeremy Nicoll, CEO | Arvida Group