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About us

Bringing the Attitude of Living Well to everyone

Established in 2021, Arvida Good Friends aims to make life better for our Arvida residents living in our six Christchurch communities and people living independently in the wider community.

Arvida Good Friends is part of Arvida, one of New Zealand's largest retirement and aged care operators. Arvida is committed to transforming the ageing experience through a person-centred wellness approach called The Attitude of Living WellTM. We deliver this unique holistic approach to wellness to more than 6750 Arvida residents in over 35 communities around New Zealand. Now, through Arvida Good Friends, we’re reaching out to the 80% of people older people who decide to stay in the home they know and love.

At the first Arvida Good Friends Living Well Centre in Addington, Christchurch we’ve set the scene for enhanced fitness, connectedness and intellectual stimulation that characterise healthy ageing. We know that friendships and social contact bring positivity and wellbeing, which is especially important as we age.

Our ultimate vision is to create inclusive and supportive Living Well Centres throughout New Zealand; places that help older people to stay active, healthy and connected while maintaining their independence for as long as possible.

Discover the exciting events and activities planned for this month at the Arvida Good Friends Living Well Centre.