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They’re dependable and they’re very caring - like a friend’

- Meredith

For more than two decades, Meredith has been coping with the debilitating after-effects of major spinal surgery, which led her to become severely depressed. Just before Arvida Good Friends came into her life, she reached the stage where she couldn’t stop crying.

Today, Meredith is a different person. She has the assistance she needs to keep living independently and has expanded her horizons by finding a volunteer position in her local community.

“Vena comes once a week and she helps me immensely. She’s preparing food for my evening meal, which I can’t do, and also housework, which is hard for me to do.”

Meredith and Vena have become a great team around the house. Together they have worked out what makes the most difference to Meredith's life. Sometimes it can be unexpected things, like squeezing lemon juice.

“I’ve got a lemon tree out there, so she squeezed all the lemons for me. Now i have constant fresh lemon juice to have with my medication. Her joyfulness and conversation keep me happy.”

A major breakthrough for Meredith was finding some meaningful work. She introduced herself to a charity opportunity shop and asked if she could help out.

“Good Friends has opened the door for me to do that, to venture out and take that step of bravery. To go and see if people will accept me.”

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Vena, Meredith's Good Friends Helper making lemonade

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